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A fortnightly podcast that is a irreverently informative and informatively irreverent discussion of the ins & outs of everyone's favourite British sci-fi show that isn't Blake's 7.

Your hosts are Adam and Brian.

Feb 19, 2018

It's our tenth episode! In this action-packed adventure, Adam and Brian begin their three-part look into Regeneration and what it means to the series. What does each story tell us about the process? How did it become a part of the show's history? This discussion covers The Tenth Planet to Castrovalva. Suffice to say,...

Feb 5, 2018

Happy 2018! After a month's absence Adam and Brian are finally back with an extended chat about 1980's Doctor Who. It's a time when brash changes are afoot both in the tone of our beloved series as well as various hits and/or misses.  And all of those damned question marks! Come for the discussion, stay for the laughs,...