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A fortnightly podcast that is a irreverently informative and informatively irreverent discussion of the ins & outs of everyone's favourite British sci-fi show that isn't Blake's 7.

Your hosts are Adam and Brian.

Oct 28, 2017

The New Series Daleks are more invincible, more creative, and more likely to kennel Davros in the basement. In this episode, Adam & Brian look about how both Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat have taken our favorite xenophobic, totalitarian tinpots and transformed them into more unique villains.


Oct 14, 2017

They're the words that chills any Who fan's blood: Doctor In Distress and Dimensions In Time. Adam & Brian discuss these clangers and others, things that were meant to celebrate Doctor Who's place in popular culture but just fizzled.


Oct 1, 2017

 With school very much in session, Adam & Brian sign up for a course in what went wrong with Class. How did this young adult drama flunk like no other Doctor Who spinoff?

As this episode discusses events that happen during the whole of the series, be warned that there are *SPOILERS*.